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Big Thicket_Photo by Charles Kruvand

State and Regional Flood Planning: The Future of Flood Resilience in Texas

Outreach Manager at National Wildlife Federation
Teal contributes to Texas Living Waters outreach efforts helping Texans tackle floods, droughts, and ensure freshwater for every living thing. She is passionate about connecting people with nature and using community outreach, experiential education and media to motivate action. In the recent past, Teal has designed and implemented place-based outdoor education programming in New Orleans, LA, has researched effective practices to motivate water quality stewardship among U.S. farmers in 11 states, and has produced a virtual case study highlighting the socio-ecological implications of dams and their removal in Northern Michigan.
Teal Harrison

By Teal Harrison, Outreach Manager, National Wildlife Federation  Starting in 2020, Texas stakeholders will have the opportunity to determine the best flood mitigation strategies for their region through a process

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