San Antonio Report: Study urging expansion of Texas water markets points to Edwards Aquifer as a ‘robust’ example

“Growing Texas’ water markets will be essential to minimizing the impacts of water scarcity facing the state in the near future, according to a new environmental analysis by The Nature Conservancy of Texas — and legislators should look to the robust management of the Edwards Aquifer for inspiration…

…growing and strengthening water markets could help lessen the effects of both of these issues, said the report’s co-author, Kyle Garmany, a hydrologist at The Nature Conservancy.”

“The Legislature has already made significant investments in Texas water markets … [such as] the Texas Water Trust and Texas Water Bank,” Garmany told the San Antonio Report. “With this report, what we’re doing is calling on Texas lawmakers to further strengthen and scale water markets to protect our state’s natural heritage and economy.”

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texas living waters

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“As with most Texas rivers, the water flowing between the Brazos’ banks is already spoken for. In the late 1800s, Texas began selling off surface water rights to the first