Texas water systems lose at least 572,000 acre-feet per year—about 51 gallons of water per service connection every day. That’s enough water to meet the total annual municipal needs of the cities of Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Laredo, and Lubbock combined. It’s a lot of water.

Texas Living Waters is a leading voice on the importance of addressing excess water loss in the state’s aging systems. In 2022, we produced a groundbreaking study that quantified both the annual amount of water lost in water systems statewide and how much can be cost-effectively saved. The study spurred major action on water loss at the 2023 Texas Legislative session and we now continue to work with both the Texas Water Development Board and utilities across the state to ensure they have the necessary resources to address this critical supply opportunity.

Addressing water loss is one of the most effective ways Texas can ensure it has enough water for its growing population. Texas Living Waters is working to ensure th




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Jennifer Walker

Director, Texas Coast and Water Program
National Wildlife Federation