Water Conservation

There is only so much ‘new’ water supply for Texas to find. In order to provide water for its growing population and strained ecosystems, Texas needs to further center water conservation in its longterm planning. 

For over 20 years, Texas Living Waters has worked with state lawmakers, agencies, and water utilities to promote policies and technologies that substantially improve water conservation efforts. Our water conservation scorecards are innovative first-of-their-kind analyses of individual utilities’ performance across the state and are widely-used both within the industry and at the Capitol. We maintain strong working relationships with lawmakers, planners, and utilities, and convene regional Water Conservation Symposiums on a regular basis to push the dialogue on conservation further to the center of Texas water management.





Katherine Romans

Executive Director
Hill Country Alliance


Marisa Bruno

Water Program Manager
Hill Country Alliance

Jennifer Walker headshot

Jennifer Walker

Director, Texas Coast and Water Program
National Wildlife Federation