Regional Flood Planning

Texas faces increasing flood threats from heavier storms and rapid development. Texas Living Waters is working alongside regional flood planning groups to produce a state flood plan that protects all Texans and makes full use of the protective value of nature.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Texas lawmakers set in motion an expansive state flood planning process that is set to come to fruition in the 2020-30 decade. Texas Living Waters works with regional flood planning groups from across the state with the aim of increasing incorporation of nature-based solutions and equitable outcomes in the regional flood plans. We convene cross-regional dialogues and work in-depth with the environmental and public representatives from many different regions. Our team has drafted and submitted public comments on six different regions. We also are working with the Texas Water Development Board to advocate for a prioritization scheme that centers nature and prioritizes investments in areas that need it most. In addition, through our work at the Capitol, we advocate for important policy changes, developed from recommendations across the regions, in order to improve communities’ ability to mitigate and respond to flooding.




Tom Entsminger

Tom Entsminger

Policy Director
National Wildlife Federation


Arsum Pathak, PhD

Senior Adaptation and Coastal Resilience Specialist
National Wildlife Federation