Environmental Flows Protection

Texas is a state with a wealth of natural beauty, including a remarkable bounty of flowing streams and rivers and productive bays and estuaries along the coast. The health of those streams, rivers, and estuaries is at serious risk from flow depletion in the absence of effective flow protections.

For over twenty years, Texas Living Waters has worked incessantly to improve flow protections across the state. Our founding members were key drivers behind the passage of 2007’s historic Senate Bill 3, a policy framework that brought an adaptive environmental flows protection process to all major river basins and bays in Texas. We have since been a central part of efforts to ensure SB 3 is implemented as intended. We have published numerous reports and studies detailing the need for reforms to the protection process. We regularly testify at legislative hearings and meet with lawmakers to keep the pressure on to improve the flow of freshwater to our fragile bays and estuaries. They are a Texas treasure and we work to ensure they will thrive for future generations.





Ryan Smith

Director of Water and Science
The Nature Conservancy


Kyle Garmany

Water & Agriculture Program Director
The Nature Conservancy

Jennifer Walker headshot

Jennifer Walker

Director, Texas Coast and Water Program
National Wildlife Federation


Environment Flows Dashboard

See detailed, up-to-date status reports on key protection levels in each major basin in Texas.