coastal vulnerability & adaption

Sea level rise, expanding storm surge zones, and increasing land subsidence all increasingly threaten the diverse communities and ecosystems of Texas’ long Gulf Coast. 

Texas Living Waters seeks to center the needs of vulnerable communities and highlight the protective value of nature-based solutions in Texas’ ongoing era of adaptation. Our work covers the breadth of Texas’ coast, from the quiet and abundant wetlands, bays, and estuaries of the Texas Mid-Coast to the bustling island of Galveston. We apply the latest climate projections to specific geographies, enabling local leaders to get a clearer picture of their most vulnerable residents and ecosystems. We also facilitate local planning efforts that incorporate nature-based coastal solutions. In addition, we advocate at the state and national level, seeking coastal approaches that prioritize the needs of vulnerable communities and ecosystems.





Arsum Pathak, PhD

Senior Adaptation and Coastal Resilience Specialist
National Wildlife Federation