What’s in your water conservation scorecard?

Like most Texans, you likely depend on a water provider to deliver water to your home and business. You may not be aware of it, but water utilities also play a vital role in conserving the water supplies of the communities they serve. So how does your water provider compare to others across the state when it comes to making sure our most precious resource lasts well into the future? You can find out your utility’s water conservation score and see whether they’ve made strides in recent years by checking out the Texas Water Conservation Scorecard. Originally released in 2016 and updated annually since, the Scorecard offers a snapshot of water conservation efforts in...

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One Water in action: Austin Central Library uses rainwater to flush toilets

The Austin Central Library in Austin, Texas has gotten its fair share of hype – so much hype, in fact, that it was included on the Time’s 2018 list of the World’s 100 Greatest Places. And while its rooftop garden, Tetris-like stairways, elevated walkways and collection of 500,000 books are certainly awe-worthy, it’s something else entirely that has our attention.                                                                                                          ...

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#MyTexasRiver: How Amelia DeVivo shapes young environmental stewards

Amelia DeVivo is the Program Director with Austin Youth River Watch. Austin Youth River Watch was founded in 1992 and has shaped the past 26 years of young environmental stewards. Amelia and her team transform 120 at-risk high school students' lives every year through environmental education, community engagement, and adventure. Her passion of environmental mentorship is apparent in her #MyTexasRiver story below. Additionally, we love all the Instagram photo contest entries so far! Keep your water stories coming, and enter to win using #MyTexasRiver before Dec. 3.     TLW: What is Austin Youth River Watch? Amelia DeVivo (AD): Austin Youth River Watch is an environmental organization. We work with hands-on environmental science working with at-risk underprivileged youth. We do...

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