Water Equity & Infrastructure

Flood risk, water quality concerns, and water affordability burdens disproportionately fall on communities of color and low-income communities across Texas.

Texas Living Waters advocates for water infrastructure investments that prioritize underserved communities and ecosystems. We do not limit our support to nature-based solutions when a different approach is needed and is supported by the community. We value the lived experiences of community members and believe that impacted residents should have leadership roles in planning and project selection.

Our initiatives include advocating for funding and technical assistance for underserved communities, working to ensure community visioning forms the basis for large-scale water planning, and outreach to regional planning groups to ensure equity concerns are central to emerging flood and water supply planning efforts.

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Jennifer Walker headshot

Jennifer Walker

Director, Texas Coast and Water Program
National Wildlife Federation

Danielle Goshen

Danielle Goshen

Policy Specialist/Counsel
National Wildlife Federation


Arsum Pathak, PhD

Senior Adaptation and Coastal Resilience Specialist
National Wildlife Federation


Katherine Romans

Executive Director
Hill Country Alliance


Alex Ortiz

Water Resources Specialist
Sierra Club – Lone Star Chapter


Cyrus Reed, PhD

Conservation Director
Sierra Club – Lone Star Chapter