Ensuring One Water Works for All: Opportunities for Realizing Water Reuse in Affordable Housing

Based on a wide-ranging set of interviews, case-studies, and analysis, this nationwide study finds strategic integration of onsite water reuse can bring financial and quality-of-life benefits to affordable housing residents. Onsite collection, treatment, and non-potable use of local water sources such as air conditioning condensate, rainwater, and graywater can pass on long-term savings to both residents and owners of multi-family affordable housing developments.

In addition, onsite reuse in affordable housing helps spread climate-resilient technologies to urban populations often passed-over in commercial water reuse and green infrastructure initiatives.

The report details the benefits of onsite reuse; identifies existing barriers; describes available funding sources; outlines specific recommendations for cities, utilities, and developers; and provides a wealth of case studies of existing affordable housing projects that have successfully integrated onsite water reuse.

Download the report (PDF)

Download our Austin-specific Recommendations (PDF)