Facts About Texas Water (English & Spanish)

Published May 1, 2016   The 2nd edition of Facts About Texas Water is available in English and Spanish.  Facts About Texas Water is intended to give all Texans—young and old, urban and rural— basic information about water that will help us understand this important resource and how to use and protect it.  Facts About Texas Water was prepared for the 7th/8th grade student, but is useful to all Texans that want to learn basic information about your water supply and how to appreciate, conserve, and protect this valuable resource. Download PDF – English | Download PDF – Spanish We have a limited amount of printed copies available free of charge for educational activities.  Please contact us to...

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Designing Water Rate Structures for Conservation and Revenue Stability

Published February 1, 2014   Water pricing can be one of the most effective methods to driving conservation and it is also the primary mechanism for recovering the revenue that a water utility needs to protect public health and the environment.  The Environmental Finance Center at the University of North Carolina and the Sierra Club, Lone Star Chapter have written a report to help Texas water utilities use their water rates and financial policies to encourage customers to reduce their water use while maintaining the financial viability of the utility. Download PDF Webinar Information:  UNC and the Sierra Club hosted a webinar on March 19 that focused on the findings and recommendations of our new report that explores...

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Grassroots Organizing on Texas Water Issues

The purpose of this book is to provide guidance for citizens who wish to become active on water issues in Texas. It demonstrates how to influence decisions regarding water policy planning in this state. It includes basic information on campaign organizing, water management and water protection resources, steps on how to affect decisions concerning public water supplies, and inspiring examples of successful grassroots activism on water issues. Download PDF...

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