2007 Texas Springs Protection, Restoration and Stewardship Conference

In 2007, The Texas Living Waters Project hosted its annual water conference on some of Texas’ most precious and at-risk water resources: our springs.

As our state’s population and its accompanying water demands grow, it will become increasingly essential that we manage our groundwater resources soundly. Nowhere is this necessity more evident than with our springs. With the majority of our states springs located on private property, the role of steward, caretaker and advocate, fall to the landowner and the local community.

The conference included discussion on the following topics:

  • The history and diversity of Texas springs
  • Florida’s efforts to protect their springs through the Florida Springs Initiative
  • Regional and state-level groundwater management efforts and how these affect springflows
  • Testimonials from spring owners on how they’ve built relationships for protection and managed their land to restore and enhance flows
  • Tools and financial resources available to Landowners to protect and restore springflows

Agenda PDFClick on the links below to download PDFs of the speakers’ presentations.

Welcome Remarks

Laura B. Marbury, Water Analyst, Environmental Defense

A Cross Section of Texas Springs

Frank Heitmuller, Geographer, USGS Texas Water Science Center
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Lessons from the Florida Springs Initiative

Doug Shaw, The Nature Conservancy, Member, Florida Springs Task Force
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Panel Discussion: Groundwater Management and Springflow Protection

State’s Role
Edward (Ted) Angle, Geologist, Groundwater Resources Division, Texas Water Development Board
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Groundwater Conservation District’s Role
Caroline Runge, Manager, Menard County Underground Water District

Panel Discussion: Landowner Successes

Landowner Successes
Linda Campbell, Program Director, Private Lands and Public Hunting, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Building Relationships for Protection: Jacob’s Well
David Baker, Executive Director, Wimberley Valley Watershed Association

Spring Preservation and Restoration Efforts
Ryland Howard, Co-Owner, Head of the River Ranch; Sr. Vice President, Financial Management Group, Frost National Bank
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Taking Stewardship to the Next Level, Finding Value in Springs
Bob Petersen, Kendall County Landowner
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Question and Answer Session

Tools and Financial Resources Available to Landowners

Dennis Thomas, Coordinator, Central Texas Resource Conservation and Development, Natural Resources Conservation Service
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Case Study: Springs of the Edwards Aquifer

Geary Schindel, Chief Technical Officer, Edwards Aquifer Authority
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