Author: Jorge Losoya

One Water in Action: Austin’s New Permit Center Proves the City is Serious About Water Reuse

You don’t normally expect to learn about the true potential of blackwater on your way to getting a tree permit. That’s now likely to happen to attentive visitors to Austin’s new Permitting and Development Center (PDC). And it’s exactly what the city wants—developers confronting, face-to-face, the remarkable, cost-effective potential of water reuse technology. Six years ago, the most likely reason to visit what’s now 6310 Wilhelmina Delco Drive, would be to find a parking spot on your way to good ol’ Highland Mall. That mall is now history and that parking spot has transformed into Austin’s newly-opened PDC—a one-stop shop for Austin residents and developers looking for permitting and development services AND a showcase...

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One Water in Action: Credit Human’s Light, Beautiful Footprint on San Antonio’s Pearl District

From a distance, the new Credit Human building in San Antonio, looks fairly non-descript. You might notice the solar panels crowding the rooftop, but this is a credit union, after all, how interesting can it be? Step a bit closer though, and you’ll start to notice unusual details…very unusual details. A fountain built to mimic aquifer rock, glazed ceramic medallions of bats and frogs, Harry Potter-esque hanging lanterns, tiles full of painted scenes from San Antonio lives, purple pipes snaking in and out of towering cisterns. The remarkable aesthetic and engineering flourishes on the exterior are signs of a much deeper re-think in how a building inhabits a space. “When we decided to build our...

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