Author: Lizzie Jespersen

Luling-Zedler paddling trail is one of the Texas Paddling Trails

Thanks to Texas Paddling Trails, your adventure bucket list just got longer

Clear your weekends to make room for one of Texas’ best-kept accidental secrets: a statewide network of 74 public access paddling trails for year-long outdoor enjoyment, with more trail launches on the way. These inland and coastal trails range anywhere from three to 25 miles in length. While most of these stretches are peaceful and beginner-friendly, more experienced paddlers can explore longer trails for an extra challenge. The Caddo Lake region alone includes more than 50 miles of official paddling trails, and the 40-mile series of connecting trails in the Port O’Conner Paddling Trail takes adventuresome paddlers past both Civil War remains and the Matagorda Island Lighthouse. No kayak? No problem. Each trail on the...

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My Living Waters: Janice Bezanson’s niche in saying ‘no’ to reservoirs and ‘yes’ to wise water use

Little Cypress Reservoir. Waters Bluff Lake. Fastrill, Red River and Dimple reservoirs. There’s a reason you’ve likely never heard of these man-made lakes – they were never built. And the reason for that is, in large part, Janice Bezanson. Janice has made a name for herself in the world of Texas conservation through her work with Texas Conservation Alliance, which she now leads as its executive director. Her advocacy and community organizing prowess has been recognized by the National Wildlife Federation’s Charlie Shaw Conservation Partnership Award, and in 2012 she was one of 15 women leaders honored at the Bob Bolluck Museum’s Women Shaping Texas in the 20th Century exhibit. Perhaps most notably, the proof...

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Lazy ways to protect rivers and wildlife without breaking a sweat

We’re not saying you’re lazy. But how awesome would it be if you could protect our rivers, bays and water-loving critters in-between handfuls of popcorn and reaching for the controller to remind Netflix that yes, I am still watching, and so what? Hold on to those couch cushions, because it can really be that easy. How to help Guadalupe Bass from your couch 1. Let your inner river rat shine – a new river-themed license plate is right at your fingertips. Texas Parks & Wildlife Department has teamed up with TxDMV to offer snazzy new plates for your river-bound ride. Buy a plate with a leaping largemouth bass to help slow the spread of invasive zebra mussels,...

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My Living Waters: Dianne Wassenich’s lifelong mission to protect the San Marcos River

Dianne Wassenich, San Marcos River Foundation program director You’ll find the city of San Marcos – aptly nicknamed San Marvelous – nestled in-between Austin and San Antonio, where life seems to revolve around two things: Texas State University and the San Marcos River. At the heart of it is Dianne Wassenich, program director of the small but effective San Marcos River Foundation and, for all intents and purposes, matriarch of the community built around the effervescent springs of the San Marcos River. We’re big fans of Dianne here at the Texas Living Waters Project, and we can think of no better way to kick off our series about Texas water heroes...

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Texas Water Conservation Scorecard is named 2017 Blue Legacy Awards winner

We are excited to announce the Texas Living Waters Project's Water Conservation Scorecard has been recognized as a 2017 Blue Legacy Awards winner in the Innovative Projects category. The Water Conservation Scorecard, released May 2016, is the result of a statewide analysis of more than 300 public water utilities to find whether Texas’ water suppliers are making their best efforts to reduce per capita water use. The annual Blue Legacy Awards, administered by the Water Conservation Advisory Council, celebrate "innovators who champion the preservation of the state's most precious resource, water." The 2017 award winners have been named in categories including agricultural, municipal, river authority or regional water district, and innovative projects. The Texas Living...

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