Water for thriving communities
and healthy fish and wildlife.

Texas is our home. It is a land of clear rivers, deep swimming holes, refreshing springs and thriving bays. Fresh water nourishes and sustains the wildlife that share our home with us, while at the same time supplying the ever-growing Texas economy and healthy communities growing through climate change. Fresh water allows us to fish and hunt, farm and ranch, build and prosper – all the things that make this state great. 

Despite persistent droughts and our own huge demand, we can still ensure that our kids will enjoy Texas’ natural heritage and a thriving economy – if we work together to protect our springs, rivers and bays today.

As this great state grows and the inevitable droughts continue their cycles, so grows the need for that can-do Texas spirit. Join us and discover new ways to conserve and protect our most precious resource. This is the greatest challenge facing Texas today and we will meet that challenge by planning ahead and embracing the best strategies and science to meet our needs. So there will always be fresh water…

For everyone and every living thing.

Everyone includes you.

Texas Living Waters

We are a collaboration of conservation groups working to ensure that Texas has the water it needs for thriving
communities and healthy fish and wildlife.

We work together to advance enduring water solutions that support people and wildlife across Texas by amplifying partners’ collective strengths in education, outreach, science, and advocacy—in the face of climate change, rapid population growth, and economic development.

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