Useful Links and Resources


Alliance for Water Efficiency

American Water and Energy Savers: 49 Ways to Save Water Indoors

Central Texas Water Efficiency Network

Environmental Protection Agency: Water Sense Program

H2OUSE: Virtual tour of water saver home

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center: Native Lawns

State of Texas Water IQ Program: Information on rebates and restrictions in Texas cities

Take Care of Texas Campaign – Water Conservation Tips

Water Use It Wisely: 100 Ways to Conserve Water

Publications (Non-Texas Living Waters Project)

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2015: Residential Outdoor Water Use in One East Texas Community – Texas Water Journal

2015: An Assessment of Increasing Water Use Efficiency on Demand Hardening – Alliance for Water Efficiency

2015: A Strategy for Mapping and Modeling the Ecological Effects of US Lawns

2006 : Rainwater Harvesting Potential and Guidelines for Texas – Texas Rainwater Harvesting Evaluation Committee

Urban Landscape Water Use in Texas (full report) – Texas Water Resources Institute

2012: The Grass Is Always Greener…Outdoor Residential Water Use in Texas – Texas Water Development Board

2014: Learning from Drought: Next Generation Water Planning for Texas – Texas Center for Policy Studies

Publications & Issue Papers (Texas Living Waters Project)

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2015: Water Conservation by the Yard: Estimating savings from outdoor watering restrictions

2014: Designing Water Rate Structures for Conservation & Revenue Stability

2013: State Planning and Funding to Meet the Critical Water Needs of Texas

2012: Thirsting for Less: Water Conservation Progress and Potential in North Central Texas

2010: Sprayed Away: Seven Ways to Reduce Texas’ Outdoor Water Use

2010: Save Water, Save Rivers, Save Money

2010: Drop By Drop: Seven Ways Texas Cities Can Conserve Water

2009: Texas Municipal Water Conservation

2008: A Characterization of the South Llano River, Its Springs, and Its Watershed

2008: From Policy to Reality: Maximizing Urban Water Conservation in Texas

2007: Water Metering in Texas

2006: The Potential and Promise of Municipal Water Efficiency Savings in Texas

2006: Fair Warning: Global Warming and the Lone Star State

2005: Creating ‘New’ Water Conference: Texas Water Policy Update

2005: Alternative Water Management Strategies for the 2006 South Central Texas Regional Water Plan

2005: A Powerful Thirst: Water Marketing in Texas

2004: Water Loss from Texas Water Suppliers

2004: Grassroots Organizing on Texas Water Issues

2004: Making Every Drop Count: Water-saving tips for your yard or garden

2004: Simple Water Conservation Tips

2003: Irrigation Demand In Texas: An Analysis of Methodologies to Predict Trends

2003: Facts About Texas Water

2003: Facts About Your Water Supply

2003: Water in the 78th Legislative Regular Session: Texas Water Policy Update

2002: Efficient Water Use for Texas: Policies, Tools, and Management Strategies

2002: Saving Water, Rivers, and Money: An Analysis of the Potential for Municipal Water Conservation in Texas

2001: Texas Water Policy Update

2001: Down the Drain

2001: Water Infrastructure Financing – A Responsible Approach

Case Study: Water Conservation in San Antonio

Efforts to reduce water use in San Antonio over the past 3 decades have been tremendously successful. As a result, San Antonio is able to use the same quantity of water to serve many more people than it did over 30 years ago, despite the city’s tremendous growth in population over that period.

Conserving Water to Prepare for Drought

Ongoing water conservation programs are the single best way to set the stage for effective drought response at both the local and state level.

Get Involved

Learn how you can help at home, in your community and at the state level to ensure the most efficient use of our existing water supplies.

Municipal Water Conservation

Unfortunately, not all cities in Texas are pursuing conservation as aggressively as they could. To reduce local water use, we recommend that cities and local water utilities should adopt seven common-sense measures.

Reducing Outdoor Water Use

Outdoor water use, which mostly means lawn watering, represents one of the largest uses of water in urban areas. Texas cities should implement seven efficiency measures that have a proven track report to reduce this significant water use.

Role of State Government

The State of Texas must take a lead role in encouraging efficient use of limited water resources in communities throughout the state. The Texas Living Waters Project recommends a number of actions to help achieve improved local water conservation.

Top Three Water User Categories in Texas

Water is used for a variety of different purposes in Texas, including municipal, irrigation, livestock, manufacturing, mining, and steam-electric power generation. The top three major water user categories in Texas are municipal, agricultural, and industrial.

Water Conservation Works

Using water wisely is the most economical and environmentally sound way to ensure water is available to meet all critical water needs – including water to support healthy Texas rivers and estuaries.