UPDATED: Regional Water Planning Process

 NEW Region-Specific information:


Texas’ regional water planning process was initiated by Senate Bill 1 in 1997. This process charges 16 regional water planning groups with the development, on an ongoing five-year cycle, of long-term regional water plans that are assembled into a State Water Plan. This plan is aimed at meeting the water needs of all Texas for the next 50 years.

RWPG Map_1107 2011

Who is involved?

The regional water planning groups are composed of at least 11 members, each representing a different interest or kind of water user. These interests include: public, counties, cities, industry, agriculture, environmental, small business, electric generating utilities, river authorities, water districts, water utilities, groundwater management areas, and any other interests the group feels is necessary to ensure all interest groups are included.

Membership information for each group is located on the Texas Water Development Board’s Regional Water Planning web pages.

Why does it matter from an environmental perspective?

The water supply decisions of the regional water planning groups will have far-reaching consequences for Texas’ natural environment. As regional groups and the Texas Water Development Board plan to meet human water demands, they can protect the state’s abundant wildlife resources and cherished landscapes. Poor planning, however, could set the stage for the dewatering of Texas rivers and the collapse of vibrant river and coastal ecosystems.

What can you do?

Even if you are not a member of a regional water planning group, you can still make your voice heard. All regional water planning group meetings are open to the public.  Verbal comments are welcome during the public comment portion of the meetings; written comments may also be addressed to the planning groups.

To find which Regional Water Planning Group you live within, visit the Texas Water Development Board’s interactive map and click on your region for more information.

What is the timeline?

The fourth round of regional water planning, which will result in the 2017 State Water Plan, is currently underway.

The previous cycle of regional planning ended in December 2011. The 2011 Regional Water Plans and the 2012 State Water Plan are available for review at the Texas Water Development Board website.

Timeline for Current Round of Regional Water Planning

by April 2015

Regional Water Planning groups review draft population and demand projections from Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), evaluate water source availability and existing supplies, and identify potentially feasible water management strategies. 

May 1, 2015

Regional water planning groups submit initially prepared Regional Water Plans to the TWDB for review. Public Hearings and Public Comment periods take place.

November 2, 2015

Regional water planning groups submit adopted Regional Water Plans for TWDB approval.

January 2016 – January 2017

TWDB develops the next State Water Plan. This timeframe includes development of the draft document, public comment phases, and adoption by the Texas Water Development Board.

Visit the TWDB website for a detailed timeline of the Regional Water Planning process