Ken Kramer, Water Resources Chair
for immediate release
May 19, 2014

TWDB Executive Administrator Intends to Move Ahead with Marvin Nichols

Sierra Club Press Statement

Austin – Kevin Patteson, the executive administrator for the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), issued his long-awaited recommendation on the proposed construction of the Marvin Nichols reservoir today, deciding to keep the controversial proposal within the 2011 Region C water plan.  The reservoir, proposed to be developed along the Sulphur River in East Texas (TWDB Region D), would potentially serve as a source of water for the growing Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.

Ken Kramer, the Water Resources Chair for the Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter, disagreed with the decision, stating that the project would prove to be too costly:

The proposed Marvin Nichols reservoir will never be built. The environmental, financial, and social costs of pursuing this grandiose project are simply too huge to ever make it viable. Mandating that the proposed reservoir be in an already outdated regional water plan for the Dallas-Fort Worth area and requiring the Northeast Texas water planning group to drop its objections to the reservoir makes no sense. It will only continue the controversy between the two regions, including likely additional litigation. Moreover, the continued focus on the Marvin Nichols reservoir detracts from the work needed to meet future water demands in the Dallas-Fort Worth area through more innovative water management strategies, including dramatically expanded conservation efforts.

“While we appreciate the executive administrator’s directive to Region C to accelerate consideration of some alternative water supply options, keeping Marvin Nichols on the table in effect will hamper any efforts to do so.”

The recommendation by the Executive Administrator will next go to the newly-appointed, three-member TWDB for a final decision later this summer.