KERA: North Texas cities are losing billions of gallons of water to old infrastructure

North Texas lost around 40 billion gallons of water in 2021, the most recent year available according to data from the Texas Water Development Board — that includes reported breaks and leaks as well as unreported losses. And that number has only increased in the past two years.

“We’re losing a lot of water through leaky infrastructure across the state,” said Jennifer Walker, National Wildlife Federation’s Texas Coast and Water Program director.

This fall, voters will decide if the state should create a new fund specifically for water infrastructure projects. The funds, overseen by the Texas Water Development Board, would be used to support projects to upgrade water infrastructure for rural areas, replace old pipes, secure more water sources and address water loss.

Even if the amendment passes, the $1 billion commitment from the state isn’t enough to address all issues with Texas water infrastructure, said Jennifer Walker with the National Wildlife Federation.

“It’s a drop in the bucket,” Walker said. The need is big, but every investment we make is a real benefit to Texas utilities.”

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