Water Ranching in the Lone Star State: Texas Water Policy Update

December 2001

This newsletter, produced periodically by the Texas Center for Policy Studies, provides updates on water issues affecting rural Texas. Topics addressed in this issue include water ranching, current groundwater laws, updates on the regional water planning process, and an overview of important upcoming events in water policy.

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Texas Water Policy Update

August 2001

This newsletter is published by the Texas Center for Policy Studies periodically to inform the public of important matters affecting water resources in the state. This edition provides an update on several issues discussed at the March, 2001 “Water and the Future of Rural Texas” Conference. Additional topics include water and rural life, water and wildlife, and water marketing and groundwater management, as well as legislative highlights from the 77th Session, updates on the regional water planning process, and an overview of important upcoming events.

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Texas Groundwater and the Rule of Capture

June 2001

Texas’ guiding principle for groundwater management is the Rule of Capture. By relying on this rule, our historical approach has been to exercise little control of groundwater pumping.

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Water Marketing

March 2001

Water marketing, if properly designed, can encourage greater conservation and avoid the need to construct new reservoirs that can be costly and environmentally damaging. In a successful water market, voluntary transfers can create a market where prices reflect the scarcity of the resource. Then conservation would become a top priority because water that is saved could either be used or sold to someone else. This is very important in times of drought, or rising demand when the public benefits the most from stretching water supplies and minimizing inefficient use.

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