Get Involved

We need your help to reform the way Texas manages and allocates our limited water resources to protect our springs, rivers and bays for future generations. Here are some things that you can do today:

At Home

Be a good steward. If you rely on a groundwater well for your water supply, learn about your local aquifer system.Work to identify your pumping rate and compare it to your aquifer’s rate of replenishment.  If you have springs on your land, learn how they work and how to protect, maintain and monitor them. A great resource is The Springs of Texas: Spring Owners Guide.

In Your Community

Find out if you are located in a groundwater conservation of Texas’ groundwater districts and their contact information is available through the Texas Water Development Board. If you fall within a district, contact your district’s board members and provide input on the importance of sustainable groundwater use and preserving spring flows from your aquifer.

You can also ask them to consider the protection of surface water flows as an integral component of groundwater availability discussions. You can learn more about the connection between surface water and groundwater in Texas here.

At the State Level

Contact your State legislators and voice your concern about the disconnect between surface water policy and groundwater policy. Urge them to begin addressing this critical issue.

THANK YOU for your help! We wouldn’t be successful without you.