Texas Water Conservation Scorecard

May 2016

The Texas Water Conservation Scorecard is the first-of-its-kind in-depth analysis and ranking of the water conservation efforts of more than 300 water utilities in Texas. Based on publicly available information, the Scorecard reveals a wide disparity of effort and information on what is being done to conserve the Lone Star state’s most precious resource: water.

The Scorecard is an evaluation of utilities based largely on their level of effort to advance water conservation, and to a lesser extent on their achievements. Scoring criteria included a utility’s compliance with water conservation planning and reporting requirements, its record on water loss and meeting targets for water use reduction, outdoor watering limits, and rate-based incentives for efficient use of water. Large and medium-size utilities (serving 25,000 customers or more) were evaluated on ten criteria while smaller utilities (serving less than 25,000) were rated on six criteria.

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Facts About Texas Water (English & Spanish)

May 2016

The 2nd edition of Facts About Texas Water is available in English and Spanish.  Facts About Texas Water is intended to give all Texans—young and old, urban and rural— basic information about water that will help us understand this important resource and how to use and protect it.  Facts About Texas Water was prepared for the 7th/8th grade student, but is useful to all Texans that want to learn basic information about your water supply and how to appreciate, conserve, and protect this valuable resource.

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We have a limited amount of printed copies available free of charge for educational activities.  Please contact us to inquire about availability.




Water is not a commodity to be pumped to depletion

San Antonio Express News, March 27, 2017

A recent commentary in the Express-News by Simon Sequeira, the CEO of Quadvest Water & Sewer Utility in Magnolia, attempts to blame all of the state’s water issues on groundwater conservation districts, or GCDs.

The commentary (“The next generation of water wars; Governmental greed siphoning dollars, future from Texans,” March 5) states, “Many of these districts were created to prevent the big cities like Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio from coming into their county and taking their water.”

I can agree that many GCDs were created in response to movement of water from rural to urban counties; however, the motives were to prevent the unfettered pillaging of water without any regulatory constraints or concerns about the impact on local landowners and natural resources. In other words, GCDs were created to protect private property rights of every landowner, not just those who want to pump the aquifer to extinction and sell that water for a profit.


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Texas Water Conservation Scorecard is named 2017 Blue Legacy Awards winner

March 21, 2017

We are excited to announce the Texas Living Waters Project’s Water Conservation Scorecard has been recognized as a 2017 Blue Legacy Awards winner in the Innovative Projects category. The Water Conservation Scorecard, released May 2016, is the result of a statewide analysis of more than 300 public water utilities to find whether Texas’ water suppliers […]

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Texas Water Conservation Scorecard is nationally recognized for its “broader implications for water utility professionals outside [Texas]”

March 09, 2017

The Texas Water Conservation Scorecard has been featured as the March 2017 cover story in the Journal of the American Water Works Association, a nationally-renowned publication that features thought leadership from water industry professionals. This feature elevates Texas water utilities and the public scorings of their water conservation efforts to national attention within the water […]

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Texas Water Conservation Scorecard featured in Journal of the American Water Works Association

March 02, 2017

We are excited to announce that our Texas Water Conservation Scorecard project has been featured as the cover story in the Journal of the American Water Works Association (AWWA). The Journal – AWWA, published since 1914, “serves as a forum for thought leaders in the water and wastewater industry.” To read the abstract and download (free for […]

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Conference Materials: 2017 Gulf Coast Water Conservation Symposium

Feb. 22, 2017

The annual Gulf Coast Water Conservation Symposium provides water utilities with the information they need to implement successful water conservation programs. Topics covered include: Communicating about conservation in order to turn your customers into water savers and water utility advocates. Examining water conservation benefits and pitfalls from the water utility perspective Tools to reduce outdoor water use […]

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