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The Climate Abyss: Houston Chronicle Weather and Climate Blog by John Nielsen-Gammon

Drought Contingency Planning, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Lower Colorado River Authority Drought Report

National Drought Mitigation Center

Texas Drought Preparedness Council

Texas Water Development Drought Page

US Drought Monitor: Texas

Publications (Non-Texas Living Waters Project)

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2015: An Assessment of Increasing Water Use Efficiency on Demand Hardening – Alliance for Water Efficiency

Urban Landscape Water Use in Texas (full report) – Texas Water Resources Institute

2014: Learning from Drought: Next Generation Water Planning for Texas – Texas Center for Policy Studies

Publications & Issue Papers (Texas Living Waters Project)

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2014: Designing Water Rate Structures for Conservation & Revenue Stability

2013: State Planning and Funding to Meet the Critical Water Needs of Texas

2006: Fair Warning: Global Warming and the Lone Star State

2005: Creating ‘New’ Water Conference: Texas Water Policy Update

2004: Grassroots Organizing on Texas Water Issues

2003: Water in the 78th Legislative Regular Session: Texas Water Policy Update

2003: Facts About Texas Water

2003: Facts About Your Water Supply

2001: Texas Water Policy Update

Drought Contingency Planning

Water utilities across the state prepare for droughts by developing tactical plans, called drought contingency plans, to reduce peak demands and extend water supplies during a drought.

Drought in Texas

Droughts are, and will continue to be, a fact of life in Texas. A drought occurs when there is a lack of adequate precipitation over an extended period of time. Some part of the state is likely to be in a year-long drought once every three years.

Get Involved

Learn how you can help at home, in your community and at the state level to improve the way Texas responds to drought.

Learning from the Current Drought

For many municipalities and water suppliers, the severe drought conditions encountered in 2011 highlighted the inadequacy of existing drought management policies and the need to significantly improve response strategies before the next inevitable drought.

Protecting Rivers During Drought

Water supply projects such as dams, pipelines and pumps that are over-sized to meet peak demand, which could be significantly reduced during drought, negatively impact the health of our rivers, bays, fish and wildlife.

Saving Money and Water During Drought

While droughts can be economically damaging for a region, particularly in agricultural areas, effective drought response planning can help a region prepare for droughts and minimize a drought's economic impact.

State Water Planning and Drought

With the passage of Senate Bill 1 in 1997 and Senate Bill 2 in 2001, the Texas Legislature called for drought response to be an essential part of water planning in Texas.

Water Conservation or Drought Response?

The difference between water conservation and drought response is that water conservation is an on-going effort, whereas drought response is a short-term response to a water supply shortage.