Marvin Nichols Reservoir and Region C Water Plan Fact Sheet

The Water Plan for greater Dallas/Fort Worth/North Texas (known as “Region C”) recommends harmful and expensive development projects like the Marvin Nichols dam 170 miles away on the Sulphur River and ignores cost-effective solutions such as water conservation and better use of exisiting supplies of water. The plan calls for spending billions of dollars on unnecessary projects at the expense of commonsense conservation measures that would protect private property and Metroplex pocketbooks, and conserve natural resources.

Demand that Region C revise their plan to eliminate unnecessary reservoir projects and focus on meeting reasonable water needs through more efficient management of existing water resources:

  • REDUCE WATER DEMANDS THROUGH MEANINGFUL CONSERVATION INCENTIVES AND PRACTICES – This is much less expensive than building new dams and pipelines. If Metroplex cities decreased water use by 22%, which would still leave per person use above ALL other major Texas cities, they still could grow as projected and there would be NO NEED for new reservoir construction [San Antonio lowered their per capita water use rate 30% in 13 years, while Region C projects an increase in use, currently 264 gal/person/day in Dallas!]
  • USE THE WATER SUPPLIES THAT ARE ALREADY DEVELOPED TO THEIR FULLEST EXTENT – The Dallas/Fort Worth/North Texas area has 126 billion gallons of unused supply in reservoirs, Using these supplies efficiently is a logical water management solution. Additionally, Lake Texoma could provide a tremendous quantitiy of water to meet future demands. The Region C Plan should seriously evaluate this option and make the best use of existing supplies.

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