Can Lake Lavon, the North Texas Municipal Water District’s primary supplier, maintain its supply?

‘Woody Woodruff of Greenville lives by the phrase, “Do something you love, and you’ll never work a day,” he said. Woodruff owns Woody’s on the Lake in Lake Lavon. It’s a boat rental business and floating restaurant he has owned for more than five years now.

“This is my office, couldn’t be any better!” said Woodruff. “You gotta have water to rent boats. It’s essential to what we’re doing.”

Lake Lavon is also essential to the area. The lake is the primary supplier to the North Texas Municipal Water District, a water wholesale provider. The water that originates from the lake is treated and delivered to many homes in the North Texas area…

“Our recommendation really is that communities in Texas really need to look at efficiency, water conservation, and repairing leaky infrastructure,” said Jennifer Walker, who is with the National Wildlife Federation and a member of the Water Conservation Advisory Council.’

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