Speak up for water conservation in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex

Regional water planners have drafted a revised blueprint for meeting the water needs of the Dallas-Fort Worth area and neighboring counties (known as Region C) for the next 50 years, and they are seeking your opinion on the draft. Although the plan has many good features and recommends some more water conservation than previous versions, in its current form it fails to include key conservation actions and proposes controversial reservoir projects that are not likely to be built, instead of recommending more innovative water supply options.

You need to speak up NOW for water conservation as the most cost-effective way to secure our area’s water future!

Water is essential for both people and the environment, but new surface water reservoirs have tremendous financial, social, and environmental costs. The draft Region C water plan needs to jettison surface water reservoir projects that would threaten the economy and the environment of East Texas. More focus needs to be put on pursuing innovative water supply options and reducing water loss and per capita water use.

These hot August days remind us that we always need to conserve our precious water resources. Let’s make sure our regional water plan does that!

For more information about the Region C water plan, click here.