Speak Up for Regional Water Plans that Better Protect Water for Wildlife

It is not an easy life for fish and wildlife in Texas rivers and streams. The long droughts have taken their toll on the health of the aquatic world. To make the problem worse, human water demands also impact the amount of water left in rivers and streams.

In Texas, regional water plans guide projects to address those demands, but they often fail to consider the needs of fish and wildlife.

Help us ensure that the rules governing the regional water plans better protect water for wildlife.The purpose of the regional water plans is to predict water demands 50 years into the future and propose water supply projects to meet those demands. 

By law, those plans are supposed to leave behind sufficient water to protect natural resources and encourage strong water conservation.

Unfortunately, water for wildlife isn’t one of the demands normally considered in the regional plans.

Right now, the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) that oversees the water planning process is revising its planning rules.

But their proposed changes to the planning rules still fall short of protecting natural resources, leaving streams, rivers, bays and the fish, oysters, shrimp, clams, ducks and other wildlife they support at serious risk.

The regional water plans are required by law to be updated every 5 years. We can ensure better protections for fish and wildlife by improving the rules that oversee the planning and approval process.

Future regional water plans should be approved only if they specifically identify inadequate river flow threats of inadequate to fish and wildlife and propose measures to address those threats.

Texans have the opportunity right now to comment on a planning process that affects (neglects) fish and wildlife throughout the state. We won’t have healthy rivers and productive coastal bays if we don’t even include them in our planning goals.

Thanks for all you do for wildlife and our natural world.