Pledge to Conserve Water for Galveston Bay and Join Our Ranks!

There’s strength in numbers, and the Galveston Bay Water Brigade needs you! If each one of us takes small steps, together we can march forward to change the future.

Every drop of water saved helps ensure Galveston Bay receives the freshwater inflows it needs to maintain healthy populations of birds, oysters, fish, shrimp and other wildlife.

Galveston Bay is the source of fresh seafood both locally and beyond. Enjoying local seafood is not only healthy and delicious, but boosts our economy by supporting our hard-working fishermen and those in the restaurant industry.

If seafood isn’t your flavor, you may enjoy the fun of feeling the tug on your fishing line and pulling in “the big one.” There are numerous recreational activities that surround a healthy bay which draw tourists and visitors from all around. A healthy bay means a healthy economy.

On the surface things look calm, but maintaining the balance is trickier than meets the eye.

Let’s take a look at oysters. They seem to take it easy, just hanging out near the beach enjoying the life.

Those oysters are hard at work! They filter all types of pollutants, provide shelter to fish, and create reefs that act as storm surge buffers. This key species require the right range of salinity to be healthy. When adequate levels of freshwater are flowing into the bay, oyster health is at its best, but when not enough water flows downstream, the oysters suffer.

Here’s where the Galveston Bay Water Brigade comes in. When you, or your business, join our ranks by pledging to take simple steps that conserve water, oysters thrive, which then positively affects fish and other marine life in the bay.