Navigating the SWIFT Application Process: Water Conservation Projects

November 2016

The Texas Living Waters Project has designed Navigating the SWIFT Application Process: Water Conservation Projects to assist small-to-mid-sized utilities in evaluating the funding strategies available to them for implementing their water conservation projects. This document focuses primarily on the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT) and includes a detailed description of the application process established by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB).

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Texas Water Conservation Scorecard

May 2016

The Texas Water Conservation Scorecard is the first-of-its-kind in-depth analysis and ranking of the water conservation efforts of more than 300 water utilities in Texas. Based on publicly available information, the Scorecard reveals a wide disparity of effort and information on what is being done to conserve the Lone Star state’s most precious resource: water.

The Scorecard is an evaluation of utilities based largely on their level of effort to advance water conservation, and to a lesser extent on their achievements. Scoring criteria included a utility’s compliance with water conservation planning and reporting requirements, its record on water loss and meeting targets for water use reduction, outdoor watering limits, and rate-based incentives for efficient use of water. Large and medium-size utilities (serving 25,000 customers or more) were evaluated on ten criteria while smaller utilities (serving less than 25,000) were rated on six criteria.

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Facts About Texas Water (English & Spanish)

May 2016

The 2nd edition of Facts About Texas Water is available in English and Spanish.  Facts About Texas Water is intended to give all Texans—young and old, urban and rural— basic information about water that will help us understand this important resource and how to use and protect it.  Facts About Texas Water was prepared for the 7th/8th grade student, but is useful to all Texans that want to learn basic information about your water supply and how to appreciate, conserve, and protect this valuable resource.

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We have a limited amount of printed copies available free of charge for educational activities.  Please contact us to inquire about availability.


Water conservation by the yard-estimated savings from outdoor watering restrictions

March 2015

Outdoor water use, particularly lawn watering, accounts for almost one third of annual residential water use in Texas, and can represent a much higher percentage during our hot, dry summers. Studies show that homeowners have a tendency to overwater landscapes by as much as two to three times the amount needed.

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Desalination: Is it Worth its Salt?

November 2013

Desalination is often viewed as a solution to many water supply problems and is often hailed as a ‘drought resistant’ supply. This report explores the environmental, energy, and economic issues surrounding desalination and provides an overview of desalination activities in Texas.

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RICHMOND, TX :: SWIFT Funding Workshop: Focus on Water Conservation

December 15, 2016
10:00 AM - 2:30 PM

SWIFT Funding Workshop: Focus on Water Conservation Projects Is your utility considering whether SWIFT funding from the Texas Water Development Board is an appropriate funding source for managing your water supplies and implementing water saving programs that will benefit your utility and customers in the long term?  The application period for the third round of […]

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Conference Materials: Central Texas SWIFT Funding Workshop: Focus on Water Conservation Projects

Topics Presented: Is your utility considering whether SWIFT funding from the Texas Water Development Board is an appropriate funding source to support water conservation programs? The time to start evaluating your options and planning to take advantage of SWIFT funding for water conservation is now. Join fellow colleagues to learn the ins and outs of SWIFT […]

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Walker and Spencer: Include needs of wildlife in Texas’ water plans

Trib Talk, November 2, 2016

No one needs to tell Texans that water is a big deal — we know it in our bones. After enduring the drought that stretched from 2011 to 2015, we also know that planning for our future water needs is an urgent matter.

The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) is in the process of revising the rules governing water planning. This is a big deal too. If we don’t manage our most precious resource carefully Texas faces a future of constricted growth, economic decline and a diminished natural heritage.

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Water pipeline construction likely to begin early next year. SAWS forgoes 365-day sprinkler restrictions

San Antonio Express News, November 1, 2016

Construction could begin as soon as January or February on a 142-mile pipeline to deliver water to San Antonio as the company in charge prepares to hit a key financial milestone this week.

On Tuesday, the San Antonio Water System’s board of trustees voted to allow SAWS President and CEO Robert Puente to give Garney Construction clearance to begin work on the pipeline, which would deliver up to 16.3 billion gallons of water per year from aquifers below Burleson County. SAWS hopes the pipeline will make up 20 percent of its supply when water begins flowing in 2020.

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