Water conservation by the yard-estimated savings from outdoor watering restrictions

March 2015

Outdoor water use, particularly lawn watering, accounts for almost one third of annual residential water use in Texas, and can represent a much higher percentage during our hot, dry summers. Studies show that homeowners have a tendency to overwater landscapes by as much as two to three times the amount needed.

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Desalination: Is it Worth its Salt?

November 2013

Desalination is often viewed as a solution to many water supply problems and is often hailed as a ‘drought resistant’ supply. This report explores the environmental, energy, and economic issues surrounding desalination and provides an overview of desalination activities in Texas.

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City may tighten outdoor watering rules as droughts persist

San Antonio Express News, August 31, 2015

Once-a-week lawn watering may soon become a permanent way of life as San Antonio seeks to balance conservation with the benefits of having a steady income for its utility to pay for reliable water service.

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Galveston Bay gets a ‘C’ health grade in new report

Houston Chronicle, August 12, 2015

GALVESTON – A first-ever report card on the health of Galveston Bay gives the waterway a “C” grade, warning that conditions will worsen unless steps are taken to continue restoration efforts.

In a report set for release Wednesday, the Houston Advanced Research Center and the Galveston Bay Foundation paint a picture of a bay that is under assault by pollution, loss of habitat and the impacts of climate change. The bay is holding its own, the authors say, but is destined to lose the gains it has made over the last 30 years if no further action is taken.

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Fort Worth council considers increase in water, sewer rates

Star Telegram, August 4, 2015


Mayor Betsy Price said the city needs to show residents that it is working just as hard to contain costs as it is to conserve water. Had those conservation efforts not been used, the hikes would be much greater, she said.

“We’re not going to snap our fingers and cut the costs of delivering and treating water in a growing city,” Price said. “We have to assure our citizens that we are doing everything we can to keep the cost of water and treatment down, that we’re not placing the burden more on any one group than any other.”

Through conservation efforts, water consumption is down about 34 percent since 2000.

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Time to increase volume on water conservation conversation

Galveston Daily News, August 4, 2015

It seems the drought in Texas is over and our water crisis has once again surpassed. We only talk about water – where it comes from, how much there is, how much we use – when we think we might be running out.

We need to turn up the volume on the conversation about water conservation before the well, literally and figuratively, runs dry.


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