Water conservation by the yard-estimated savings from outdoor watering restrictions

March 2015

Outdoor water use, particularly lawn watering, accounts for almost one third of annual residential water use in Texas, and can represent a much higher percentage during our hot, dry summers. Studies show that homeowners have a tendency to overwater landscapes by as much as two to three times the amount needed.

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Desalination: Is it Worth its Salt?

November 2013

Desalination is often viewed as a solution to many water supply problems and is often hailed as a ‘drought resistant’ supply. This report explores the environmental, energy, and economic issues surrounding desalination and provides an overview of desalination activities in Texas.

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Mighty Rio Grande Now a Trickle Under Siege

New York Times, April 12, 2015

FABENS, Tex. — On maps, the mighty Rio Grande meanders 1,900 miles, from southern Colorado’s San Juan Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico. But on the ground, farms and cities drink all but a trickle before it reaches the canal that irrigates Bobby Skov’s farm outside El Paso, hundreds of miles from the gulf.

Now, shriveled by the historic drought that has consumed California and most of the Southwest, that trickle has become a moist breath.

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Oil spill fund could help shape coastal health

Houston Chronicle, April 8, 2015

They are fairly small patches, greenish smears carpeting the bottom in shallows along the south shoreline of West Galveston Bay. A dozen acres here. Fifty acres there. Most people other than duck hunters, anglers and other keen observers of marine life don’t even notice them. But these stands of bottom-hugging aquatic vegetation – shoalgrass, mostly – hold outsized significance.
They illustrate the struggles Galveston Bay and, by extension, the rest of Texas’ coastal landscapes have endured over the decades, the efforts being made to address the degradation of these relentlessly beleaguered ecosystems, the benefits of an environmentally healthy coast, and the unprecedented opportunity Texas will have to make huge strides in improving the state’s coastal natural resources and the quality of life of Texans.

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Water Ruling Cuts State’s Power in Droughts

Texas Tribune, April 2, 2015

A state appeals court has sided with farmers, ranchers and other longstanding water rights holders in a Brazos River case with widespread implications for future water battles in drought-prone Texas.

Upholding a lower court’s ruling, the 13th Court of Appeals in Corpus Christi on Thursday ruled that Texas cannot give special treatment to cities or power generators over more “senior” water rights holders on parched rivers  – even if the state declares it necessary to protect the “public health, safety and welfare.”

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Water bottling company might open site in San Antonio

San Antonio Express News, March 31, 2015

A large, out-of-state water bottling company with plants across the county is considering San Antonio, and possibly Brooks City Base, for a new location, a source with knowledge of the discussions told the Express-News.

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TCEQ – Seafood market owner’s sales don’t count

Victoria Advocate, March 20, 2015

AUSTIN – In a move that goes against its own rules, the state environmental agency again declined to give a seafood wholesaler a say in a water project that could affect San Antonio Bay.

Wesley Blevins, the owner of Chunky Monkey Seafood in Seadrift, testified at a hearing in Austin on Wednesday to establish that his business would be affected if a reservoir was built on the Guadalupe River.

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